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Assembly and processing of components:

  • Preparation of components from a bulk state to a sequential state with our own vibro-feeding systems

  • Flexible feeding (Flexibowl)

  • Screwdriving (pneumatic & servo screwdrivers from Desoutter, Stoger, Deprag)

  • Pressing (pneumatic, hydraulic and servo, with force and stroke control)

  • Plasmization (activation of various parts for further processing)

  • Welding (resistance, laser, ultrasonic)

  • Various mechanical processing (milling, drilling, cutting, bending)

  • Application of greases (Abnox, Dossis)

  • Gluing (Loctite)

  • Marking (needle, laser, INKjet, labeling)

  • Engraving (mechanical, laser)

  • Manipulators (pneumatic, stepper/servo motors)

  • Robots with grippers (Epson, Yaskawa, ABB)

  • JetSoldering (LJU GmbH)

  • Palletizing and depalletizing (Bosch)

Various controls:

  • Mechanical (height, diameter, length,...)

  • Electrical control (resistance, contact)

  • Conductivity control

  • Tightness control

  • Magnetic pole measurement

  • Force and stroke control (BURSTER)

  • Optical control (Keyence, Cognex, Omron, Epson vision)

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